BIOCLIN PHYDRIUM ADVANCE is a new line of product that combines the proprietary and innovative natural-based complex, STIMOXIDIL® that have been clinically shown to increase  hair resistance resulting in stronger and healthier hair. 

BIOCLIN PHYDRIUM ADVANCE SHAMPOO is specifically formulated with ingredients to Cleanse, nourish and revitalize  the scalp and provide anti-oxidant activities and regenerating actions to the hair follicles leading to increased hair resistance resulting in visibly stronger hair.

Bioclin Advance contains additional botanical ingredients that help to reduce hormonal damage to the scalp and increases the scalp’s microcirculation. In addition, the product contains the full range of B vitamins (B3, B5, B6, B7) known to support hair health.


For best results, combine Shampoo use with BIOCLIN PHYDRIUM ADVANCE AMPOULES( FOR MEN or For WOMEN).


Contains 200 ML


  • Highest purity biological and botanical ingredients.
  • No SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) and SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) added, which can cause skin irritation.
  • No Heavy metals (tested for Nickle, Chrome, Merucry, Lead, Palladium, Cobalt) tested, in order to avoid possible allergic or sensitive reactions.
  • Pleasant to use, due to texture. 
  • Keratin sourced from plants, instead of animal-based.
    • PHYTOKERATIN® – keratin alternative is derived from wheat, corn and soy. Phytokeratin is a hair strengthening and conditioning agent that helps to maintain moisture balance.


STIMOXIDIL® is a new proprietary formulation consisting of innovative evidence-based biological compounds coupled with selected botanical ingredients based on demonstrated hair health.

Potassium CLA Glutathione

      • Glutathione is a tripeptide that is synthesized in the liver and performs a cell protective function in all animals due its activity as an anti-oxidant actions to reduce oxidative stress and detoxifying agent.
        • Glutathione a safe and well known protective agent in the body evidence by 88,403 publication citations  (
      • Potassium CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) Glutathione – Topical Glutathione acts poorly due to the skin barrier. Conjugated Linoleic Acid enhances the delivery and stability of Glutathione. Furthermore Conjugated Linoleic acid, a member of the essential fatty acid family acts as a potent anti oxidant.  CLA Glutathione is well documented with 22 publication citations (

      Sodium DNA - Acts to nourish and stimulate the regeneration of that tissues surround the hair follicles.

        • Studies have shown that hydrolyzed DNA is capable of inducing cells to multiply.


    (Rigano, et al., CLA Glutathione and Sodium DNA for reducing hair loss. Cosmetic & Toiletries Magazine. 2007. 71-80)

        • Clinical tests found that over a 3 months period in 30 patients (males & female) ages 22-55 with alopecia and telogen effluvium.
            • In wash tests to determine hair loss,
              • 35% reduction in hair loss was observed using Potassium CLA Glutathione/Sodium DNA (PCG/SD) comparable to 2% Minoxidil.
              • PCG/SD observed results was quicker than Minoxidil.
            • In pull tests to determine hair resistance,
              •  PCG/SD demonstrated 40% increase in hair resistance compared to 17% with 2% Minoxidil.
              • These results demonstrate that PCG/SD is capable of increasing the strength of the hair, which slows future hair loss.
            • Significantly better tolerability was observed with PCG/SD than with Minoxidil. PCG/SD demonstrated no side effects compared to the well documented side effects of Minoxidil.


    • Kigelia Africana fruit extract
      Anti-oxidant and helps to prevent hormonal (DHT) damage to hair.
    • Ginko biloba
      Stimulates microcirculation in the scalp.
    • Cinnnamomum zeylanicum (Cinnamon) extract
      Binds to free DHT and prevent from damaging hair follicles, contributing to the health and strength of the hair roots. Also contains a strong cleansing and antibacterial properties.
    • Salvia sclarea (Sage) extract
      Anti oxidant. Stimulates the scalp and attaches to DHT, preventing DHT from destroying the hair follicles.
    • Allantoin Strong healing, soothing and moisturizing properties. Has a cell proliferation action that promotes healthy tissue.
    • Hydrolyzed Yeast/Corn/Wheat/Soy protein
      Essential proteins needed for hair growth


    • B Vitamins – Important for hair growth.
      • Pyridoxine HCl (Vitamin B6)
      • Panthenol (Provitamin B5)
      • iacinamide (B3) & Biotin (B7) - Helps block conversion of testosterone to DHT



    A Study Was Conduct To Assess The Efficacy, Tolerability And Safety Of Bioclin Phydrium Advance In Volunteers (Male, Female) With Androgenetic Alopecia During A 60 Days Period.
    With regards to tolerability and safety, skin test was conducted and no adverse event was observed during the study period with use of Bioclin Phydrium Advance. This was determined by both clinical assessments of the scalp/hair and based on each participant feedback on the safety of the product.

    Assessment of product efficacy was evaluated by Phototrichogram to calculate the total number of hair, number of anagen (new hair) and telogen (hair loss). For analysis of hair resistance, a pull-test was conducted. In the determination of increase hair diameter, hairs were cut and analyzed with a Microcamera Dermotricos.
    The results as per Figure 1, demonstrated that Bioclin Advance produced statistically significant improvement in individuals after one month of usage with further improvement at two months.

    In all of the measures, including growth of new hair, reduction of hair loss, increased hair resistance and increased hair thickness, Bioclin Phydrium Advance demonstrated significant improvement. Within the men subpopulation, an average of 90% demonstrated improvement in new hair, hair loss, hair resistance and hair thickness.

    FIGURE 1

    A subjective analysis was conducted to assess each of the participant assessment of the relative benefit of the product by providing a questionnaire with a listed of questions. Evaluation was based on the relative score of each question to calculate the percentage of satisfied subjects. Figure 2 demonstrated that at the 30 days assessment point, at least 50% or more individuals were satisfied with the product performance based on reducing hair loss, regrowth of new hair, increase hair thickness, faster regrow and making hair stronger. These results improved further at the 60 days review period, with the exception of quicker hair regrowth.




    FIGURE 2.











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